August 8, 2020
How to use Twitter to promote your blog?
twitter to promote your blog
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How to use Twitter to promote your blog?

Twitter to promote your blog: After months of hesitation, after many requests from colleagues or friends requesting your expertise, that’s it, you’ve started! Your blog is there in front of you, gleaming. You spent time there! Hours of installing your theme, customizing it, pampering your CSS, tuning your plugins and working on your SEO.

But it was worth it. Your first articles are written, you have a few pages presenting your project or who you are and you are there, in front of your computer, like a restaurateur waiting for his first customers.

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Infographic on How to Use Twitter to Promote your Blog
Infographic on How to Use Twitter to Promote your Blog

How to Use
Twitter to Promote your Blog

Twitter to let you know

Google will do its job over time, but in the meantime, how do you attract visitors? How to find people interested in your articles, how to spot those who could become loyal to your blog or website?

Social networks are perfectly suited to increase awareness of your site and promote your content. Profiles, communities, groups are all resources from which you can draw your future readers.

The philosophy of using social media is radically different depending on whether you are a content creator or someone who comes looking for information for their professional intelligence, for example. As a watchman, you will subscribe to people who are likely to produce content that is relevant to your expectations.

On Twitter, for example, you will not multiply excessive contacts, as some can do, otherwise, you will quickly find yourself drowned in a flood of information, with the risk of missing the good ones. Likewise, you will not expect people you follow to follow you back.

That’s not the point, you’re just interested in the content produced by these people, not in making friends (if that happens to you, great!)

As a content creator, it’s different. You want the whole world to know that your blog exists, that you write quality content, you want to make the buzz and that people talk about you at social evenings!

For that, you will have to start the machine and maybe dust off this Twitter account that you opened months (years?) Ago and where you follow 13 people who do not produce any content.

Twitter is a good tool for promoting your blog because many will seek information there. First of all, familiarize yourself with the tool, understand its language, it’s very own way of communicating, learn the little tricks like, for example, How to write a Top Tweet.

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Twitter to create a community

Then, you will have to reverse your way of thinking! You don’t want to be followed by people who are more popular than you in the first place.

This will come quickly, as there is the possibility of forming friendships and exchanging links through blogs, but first, go out and find those who may be interested in your content and who will certainly follow you back.

For example, if you read these lines and come from my Twitter account, the chances are that you are a Digital Marketing student, a Blogger, a librarian, a Developer or even a journalist.

And there is also a high probability that it was I who followed you first! Do the same in your register, Find those who want to read you but do not know it yet. Twitter allows you to search by person, by interest, by hashtag as well.

I have followed a lot of students that way, who have followed me back and become potential readers (guys, I also read your tweets and retweet as much as possible, you do not just rest assured!)

This may seem opportunistic at first glance, but it is not. In any case, I don’t see it that way. I am coming to share something which I hope will be useful to these people. I happen to share my experience with them. In return, I acquire readers it’s true, but not only that.

It all depends on how you turn it. For my part, my wish is to be able to build relationships, to exchange our points of view and experiences through comments or my Twitter account.

I like to thank the people who promote one of my articles or retweet one of my links; it’s so beautiful to know that we are read, that our help is useful and that our work is well received.

Thus, I grow my Twitter community by following new people week after week. I use a tool called, which allows me, from my computer or via the dedicated smartphone application, to identify people who do not follow me in return and to stop following them.

I hear the angry reactions from here! But remember: you’re a content creator; you want to help people, you want to share your knowledge. Twitter to promote your blog. The goal is not only to follow thousands of people but to be followed in return.

The other reason for this is that after 2000 subscriptions, Twitter no longer allows you to follow anyone if your “subscriptions/subscribers” quota is too unbalanced.

Pay attention to this. Yes, as a writer, you want to market your items or your brand and your products for business. For that, you need numbers; you need followers, go ahead and do not hesitate to cast a little wide sometimes.

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Twitter to share

I saw a significant difference between the period when I had 300 people following me and when I crossed the 1000 mark. The interaction became spontaneous, your tweets have more impact and it was felt also in my visit curve (when I have enough time to tweet, it’s true!)

Beyond keyword research, another way to find people who are potentially interested in your content is to find another, preferably influential, Tweeters who publish the same kind of content as you and follow their followers. This will allow you to grow your readership list faster.

I have never used paid solutions, you know those sites that offer you to buy followers. On the one hand, because I don’t believe it for a second.

Twitter to promote your blog. What will be the share of real tweeters and that of abandoned accounts? On the other hand, because I believe in human relationships, because I believe in the emulsion they produce, and that even if this will be less possible after a certain number, I want to enter into contact with my readers, to know their expectations and needs.

Remember this: you want to use twitter to promote your blog, you wrote a blog to be read, not for it to languish in the twists and turns of the Net. Don’t hide behind false modesty.

If you write and publish it, it is because you believe in yourself enough to be convinced that it will interest someone. Don’t just rely on Google, be an actor in the creation of your network.

Let people know that you exist: this is the very basis of communication. You can have the best content there is, if nobody knows about it, it won’t be useful to anyone.

One of my colleagues opened a blog a week ago. He talks about the creation of video games with accessible and fun tools and digital mediation in the broad sense.

Using these recipes, based on social networks sprinkled with a tad of relationships, it now exceeds 100 visits per day, with peaks of more than 150, while it is not yet perfectly referenced by Google. This is in just a week! Admittedly, his blog aims at a very specific niche and where there is an obvious lack of resources, but all the same, the result is stunning! Some do not achieve this result in three months of existence.

Your good use of Twitter to promote your blog will surely yield encouraging results, especially for the newbie blogger who doesn’t always expect immediate (relative) success. Do not hesitate to share your experience or your questions in the comments of this article!

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