Google’s latest update

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Why do you need an SSL certificate? Different types of SSL certificates?

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate ensures that the provider is who they claim to be and also indicates secure connections between personal devices and websites. Understanding SSL certificates is important for website trust and to help protect customers from becoming a victim to scammers. It’s smart to keep in mind that not all websites, or SSL certificates, …

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What is an SSL certificate?

SSL Certificates

An SSL certificate is a type of digital certificate that provides authentication for a website and enables an encrypted connection. These certificates communicate to the client that the web service host demonstrated ownership of the domain to the certificate authority at the time of certificate issuance. This authentication process is much like sealing a letter …

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What is Web Hosting?

what is web hosting?

Web hosting is just a service that allows you to rent the space on the internet, fill it with all your media, and go public – like renting space out of a shopping center to open up your own store. So, when you want to start a website, ALL of your text, pictures, buttons, and …

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Are premium domains worth it?

While estimates vary, there are at least 1.8 billion websites. That’s a lot of domain names that have already been taken – not to mention all the names that are owned but not currently in use. What’s more, some domain names are much more desirable than others. This means you may find yourself wanting to …

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How To Buy A Premium Domain

Searching A Premium Domain

Buying a premium domain that the owner has listed on an aftermarket marketplace works just the same as purchasing a regular domain name: Search for a domain. Add the domain to your cart. Sign in or create an account with your domain provider if you don’t have one already. Enter your contact information. Check out. …

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What are Premium Domains?

Premium Domain Name Definition A premium domain name is a domain that is already owned by a person or registry. Its cost can be significantly more than a typical domain purchase — anywhere from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of dollars — due to its perceived higher value. The higher price will apply to the …

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How to Get a Free Domain Name for Your Website

A website advertises you 24/7—so long as people can find your website, of course. For many new businesses and organizations, a fresh website is one of the first expenses in the startup process. Unfortunately, it can also be costly. But finding a domain name doesn’t have to empty your wallet. In fact, what if I …

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What Is a Domain? Examples of Domains

Every time you use your web browser, you enter domain names of sites you want to visit into your browser’s address bar. But what’s the technology behind these names, and how do they help you get to the places you want to visit? Let’s break down what a domain name is, and why we use …

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Keep It Simple

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An Example Blog Post

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