August 9, 2020
Nofollow or dofollow link? What a difference? What impact? How to put them?
No follow or do Follow links
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Nofollow or dofollow link? What a difference? What impact? How to put them?

The difference between a nofollow and a dofollow link is significant. First, what is it? It’s simple. You already know that to be well-positioned in the search engines, you must have links to it (backlinks) on quality sites. But let’s start from the beginning… 🎬

In natural referencing, there are many aspects to optimize. When you have a good SEO strategy, you know that your backlinks are of utmost importance.

In addition to creating interesting content, you will try to multiply the number of links pointing to your domain name (to the home page or to a specific web page).

Not only does this boost your notoriety to the public that an authority site quotes you, but our friend Google also takes it into account: they improve your positioning in the search engine results.

Google animaion  for link building

The importance of links for SEO
We can divide SEO into two main parts:

On-page criteria relating to page content: content, URL, keywords, tag optimization, site speed, etc.

The off-page criteria are those which demonstrate the popularity of the content: quality and quantity of external links.
All backlinks are obviously not of good quality. In order for them to be appreciated by search engines, it is important that these links come from a site that has received a “good rating” from Google.

On the contrary, your presence on a poor quality site, with a lot of external links, will make you go down in the search engine results! 😱

So you have to be careful in your backlinks strategy: Google does everything to discourage the purchase of links and ghost sites that only serve to put tons of them. Do you remember the days when there were tons of web directories? Using algorithms with pretty animal names, Google killed them overnight. 🐼

Dofollow and nofollow links: what differences?

Dofollow and Nofollow links are two different types of backlinks. They inform Google about whether or not to follow a link in order to be able to assign value to a site or not.

The dofollow link: “to follow” link

This type of link is taken into account by the small robots that scan a website. He brings what is called “google juice” (Google Juice) which goes through the site in question to flow to the next.

Its notoriety then contributes to the value placed on the site to which the link points.

how to use do follow link

The nofollow link: “not to follow” link

Google strongly encourages using this type of link in sponsored posts.

Unlike the previous link type, the Google robot does not take into account nofollow links. It continues to crawl the content of the page without bringing any (or almost) interest to the link.

The degree of authority of the site containing the link, therefore, has no influence on the reputation of the site targeted by the link.

Dofollow and nofollow links: What impact for SEO?

A dofollow link, therefore, transmits PageRank (or “link juice”) to the pointed page. Of course, the word or expression used to place the link (the text anchor) must also be chosen with care.

Google’s AI can detect over-optimizations. If the same keywords (other than the domain name) are present as an anchor on a bunch of sites, it can detect the little eel hidden under the rock.

But, at the same time (pity! 😅) you will avoid the links marked “click here” which do not provide any useful information.

Conversely, Nofollow links play no role (or almost) in natural referencing.

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What do you think is the point of inserting a Nofollow link? Simply have targeted traffic! After all, if a media is talking about you, its readers can discover you.

And then, if it is your site as support, Google wants you to have nofollow links! Why? Because he thinks it’s more natural.

If you only have dofollow links, you could be penalized in terms of your SEO. You have been warned. 😉

So how do you insert nofollow links? We see that right away.

How to insert No follow links?

How to structure a nofollow or dofollow link?

In HTML, we use the attribute “rel” to indicate the type of link. Don’t panic: I’m showing you this.

Place a nofollow link in a web page

To do this, simply add the rel = “nofollow” attribute in the link tag. If you are in WordPress, you must click “Text” at the top right of the editor to see the HTML code.

<a href= "" rel="nofollow">Sociopup</a>

Place a Dofollow link in a web page

To place a dofollow link, you can either insert the corresponding tag:

<a href= "" rel="dofollow">Aurbella</a>,

Either do nothing at all! By default, this will be followed by Google and the other search engines. That’s How Nofollow or dofollow link works.

how to place a do follow link

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Take the link attributes into account

When it comes to external links to your site, you will, therefore, have entered your interest:

– Quality sites to lead to your content.
– As far as possible, in dofollow.

And, when it comes to your content leading to other sites, fill in a nofollow link if its objective is not to be taken into account by Google robots. Also, make sure especially that the links in the user comments are in nofollow to avoid spam.

Finally, it makes no difference to internet users. Regardless of the attribute, it is displayed the same way on the page.

It’s your turn! You now know the importance of this detail which is not really one… 💪

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