August 9, 2020
9 Proven Tips to Increase The Audience of your Blog!
Increase Blog Audience
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9 Proven Tips to Increase The Audience of your Blog!

Increase your Blog Audience: Building and developing your blog audience can quickly become a full-time job. Apart from natural referencing, what are the levers to use to attract new visitors? How do you make sure that those who visit your site today will come back tomorrow?

Recognition by Google takes time, we all know that. However, with a little bit of advice and a few wise advice, it is possible to speed things up, without necessarily pouring into Google Adwords.

Here are 9 Proven Tips to Increase The Audience of your Blog by 300%

Infographic on Tips to Increase the Audience of your Blog
Increase Blog Audience

1. Write Regularly

Increase Blog Audience: If you publish regularly, not only do you offer manna to Google, which will consider, according to its goodwill, the seriousness and the interest of your blog, but, and it is the most important, you give the envy to your visitors to return regularly.

What is the right rhythm? You will ask me? It’s the one you can hold! Simply. Of course, the fruits will be worth your efforts. If you only publish once a month, chances are you are having trouble developing a regular audience. You will have peak visits when you publish a new article and a flat encephalogram the rest of the time.

Once a week begins to be an exciting rhythm in terms of spinoffs, but the most important is that you choose a rhythm of publication and that you stick to it.

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2. Promote your Articles

Increase Blog Audience: Search engine impulse is rather weak when starting a blog. To start the visits, you will have to look for your visitors elsewhere. Use your social media accounts, share with your friends and ask them to share in turn. You can also publish on groups (of your theme!) Facebook, Linkedin, Google+, etc. The impact will only be greater.

Be present on the forums. Do not swing your blog address every three posts at the risk of putting your back on moderation and creating a bad image. Instead, answer the questions and head to your blog when you develop the topic. It is also a good tip for finding article topics. Also, don’t hesitate to put your URL in your signature. This is rather well-received.

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3. Develop a Presence on Social Networks

Increase Blog Audience: Depending on the theme and name of your blog, and your current use of social networks, you can either use your current profiles or create new ones. This last possibility offers the advantage of not mixing too much, between family publications and your professional audience.

On Facebook, you can create a page with the name of your blog. You will then need to promote this page on your site, possibly on business cards and wherever you are given the opportunity. I’m not someone who creates content specifically for Facebook. I rather try to promote my articles there and to create a dialogue with Internet users.

Regarding Twitter, it’s my most significant source of visitors right now. I share my articles there, I sometimes react to the news, I retweet, I chat with my followers, and I do part of my watch. Find out how to grow your community on Twitter.

Don’t neglect Youtube! A video, if done well, is worth a thousand words and its viral nature remains an undeniable asset for any young blogger. Indeed, the video lends itself better to specific themes than to others, but no doubt, you will find a concept to illustrate your articles or promote your blog.

Of course, you will think of adding on your blog all the necessary links to the various social networks as well as interaction and sharing buttons.

4. Interact with your Community

Increase Blog Audience: If you limit yourself to posting your articles to your Twitter and Facebook accounts, chances are you will tire people out very quickly. Start the dialogue, try to react to your articles, react yourselves to the publications of your followers, etc. In short, be anything but a bot!

5. Do not manage a Community but Individuals

Increase Blog Audience: Continuing from the previous point, don’t limit yourself to mass communication. Is it more efficient to start a discussion with a megaphone in a station hall or to speak face to face? If you address everyone, you may not address anyone.

Publish your articles to everyone, then start the dialogue on a case-by-case basis. Be helpful, research your keywords on Twitter to find any questions that twitters are asking in your area of ​​expertise, and answer them. You will most certainly gain loyal followers this way.

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6. Say Thank you!

Increase Blog Audience: Admittedly, the advice is basic, but we don’t think about it all the time. Thank internet users for sharing on social networks, for comments on your blog, etc. They promote your blog, but they don’t owe you anything, so thank you.

Some even thank some of their most active followers with small gifts. Without announcing anything, they send a card, a small advertising object or a real gift that the person will appreciate even more. This kind of little attention always works and you will certainly get a wonderful thank you tweet.

7. Give more than your Audience Expects from you

Increase Blog Audience: Surprise them! Transform the tone of your articles during an event, watch the video, look for partnerships, organize contests…

There is nothing worse than weariness. If you rewrite the same article a hundred times, a hundred times on the same subject, even the most loyal will drop you at one time or another. Approach your articles in a different way, contrary to general thinking, for example, create new sections, bring a touch of freshness to the appearance of your site to generate new enthusiasm from your readers.

8. Promote those who Follow you

Increase Blog Audience: Often, as content creators, we are there to expect others to follow us and share without concession. Return the elevator! You have lots of exciting people in your communities on social networks, put them forward, promote their website or their activities.

9. Accept the positive… but also the Negative

Increase Blog Audience: We are all naturally inclined to receive positive feedback. They encourage us, make us want to continue but also pay attention to negative comments. Certainly, the Internet is full of trolls and other dissatisfied people, but there are also a number of people who will report errors in an article, spelling mistakes or perhaps a lack of consistency within your editorial line.

In short, always take a moment to analyze the negative comments. They are sometimes full of common sense and thank those who address them by adding that you take their remarks into account. You will then catch up with a perhaps average experience.

Of course, do not fall into the trap of wanting to meet all expectations, you would quickly run out of your main mission: write, inform or conquer new leads.

And you, what are the means you use to Increase the audience of your blog?

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