October 1, 2020
How to improve your click-through rate in SERPS
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How to improve your click-through rate in SERPS

Successful site publishers use a variety of strategies to generate more traffic to their website. Among these, we can speak of the improvement of CTR in Google’s SERPs.

These clicks help drive more traffic to a website.

But, you will say to me, What exactly is the CTR? Click-Through Rate in English which means “click rate”. It is the percentage of people who click on links to your blog or site in the search engine results pages.

CTR is a method of evaluating the success of an online advertising campaign on a website and an indicator of interest in search results.

The rate is determined based on user clicks on ads or site search results. A healthy CTR will generate more traffic to a website.

For example, if your blog appears in the SERP for a keyword and 30 out of 100 people click on my blog during the search, my blog’s click rate is 30%.

Here’s an average click-through rate in search results:

We are around 30% for the first result.

The increase in click-through rate in Google search is important for ranking in Google. So we could say that a higher click-through rate in search engines is always better for a site.

How to improve your Click-through rate (CTR) in SERPs? I give you elements here.

Title tags should grab attention and be unavoidable

Title tags play an essential role in improving the clickthrough rate since they appear directly in SERPs. They are highly appreciated by search engines for determining the particular subject of a page.

Therefore, these title tags should be compelling. Here are a few tips :

  • I advise you to make sure that the title tag of a section has 65 characters. Beyond that, they are cut from Google’s SERPs.
  • People love numbers, put odd numbers of preferences like 7. Example: 7 ways to make a sandwich.
  • To attract, they must be in accordance with the research intention of the user. Searching for keywords beforehand is compulsory.
  • Headings and question form work well

There are several sources, who claim that catchy headlines increase your site’s engagement by 500% and that your article is more likely to go viral.

Because the majority of Internet users are in a hurry. So you have to guess how important attractive titles are in search results to drive traffic and increase click-through rates.

Simply put: Your page title must have the ability to attract or miss visitors.”

But be careful not to use trickery by giving a title that doesn’t really reflect the content. This is why content is just as important as the title of the content. Promise a result that you will keep!

Action-oriented meta description tags

Action-oriented meta description tags - xyzor

The meta description tag is very popular with search engines to determine the authority of a given web page. However, it is not a criterion for positioning in the SERPs.

Their main interest is to help the Internet user to click on the result which corresponds to him most. Perfect for helping us improve our CTR.

The meta description of a page should reflect the uniqueness and description of a page. Ideal Meta description tags should be no longer than 156 characters.

In addition, each page of your website must have different Meta Description tags to avoid duplicate content.

Use action-oriented verbs to encourage the user to discover your page. For this, verbs like discover, boost, come, etc., will do the trick!

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Make sure that the visitor viewing the description of your publication gets a clear idea of ​​the content.

To ensure the reader’s interest in your result, be sure to use the keywords in the 156 characters that are allocated to you. This will display these keywords in bold when they are searched. This shows that your page speaks well of what the researcher wants.

As the Meta description is listed under your results in the SERP, this is the second piece of information a visitor will see about your business. It is important to give visitors the information they are looking for your business and impress them immediately.

Much research has been done on this description and its importance. The results of this research showed that an informative and well-written meta description would attract more visitors to a website than those without a relevant meta description, or without any description.

So that you can make the best use of the meta description, make sure you make a good impression and give people the information they are looking for.

Descriptive URL structure with keywords

Descriptive URL structure with keywords - xyzor

It is always recommended to use keywords in the URL. I should also point out that URLs must have appropriate punctuation, to avoid characters that are too long and difficult for users to read.

In addition, I recommend that you try to keep the URL as short as possible, and avoid capital letters, blocking characters (%, =, à, @, _,…), blocking words (pronouns, adverbs, etc.) and spelling errors.

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The shorter and easier it is to read, the more likely the internet user will appreciate it, remember it and therefore simply retype it if necessary. In addition, it is also used to provide an overview of the content.

The keywords in the URLs and file names of your pages can indeed improve the click-through rate in SERPS. If you want to get the highest possible ranking for your website, especially for the most competitive keyword phrases, you can indeed include your target keywords in your website URLs.

The other tip may be to set up the breadcrumbs to indicate more simply the path travelled on the site.

Use of enriched extracts (Rich Snippet)

Use of enriched extracts (Rich Snippet) - xyzor

Rich snippets should be used in important and necessary situations on a website for content. Rich Snippets help generate more clicks and allow users to find information faster.

You should be careful to delete the date from extracts from SERPs. The display of dates on the SERP gives a literally old appearance to your old publications. This reduces the click-through rate on your blog.

Users looking for information are always looking for newly written content and no one prefers old content. If you use WordPress for example, you will find plugins which help to delete dates from Snippet.

Rich extracts give life to your site’s offers in SERPS, this by providing users with much more information to help them choose your site among the others. They also attract more attention and help increase your CTR (clickthrough rate).

Prices can also be integrated into SERPs, providing users with more productive research experience. Websites that include prices in their extracts attract more targeted customers to their offer.

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Internet users have been shown to be more likely to click on results with their ratings and reviews.

In addition, visitors looking for events will click on the results that provide information about it. Detailed snippets providing additional information about events can drive more traffic to your site.

User comments on events, videos, and other products and services can give users enough confidence in the results, thereby improving CTR.

Any improvement in the results is good to take because it will differentiate from the rest of the results.

Page loading speed

Page loading speed - xyzor

When a visitor clicks on the link on your site and notices that it is slow, they will certainly ignore it the next time they see it.

Therefore, it is essential to optimize the performance of your site by exploiting the cache and optimizing the images. The speed with which your website loads is important for two reasons:

  • For converting visitors into customers
  • To find yourself in Google

Studies have shown that every second someone has to wait for your page to load, the likelihood of giving up increases.

The same study indicates that 47% of visitors expect your website to load in 2 seconds or less. And up to 79% of customers are unlikely to buy again from a website based on site performance.

Have you ever called a company and the phone rang for a long time before someone answered you? These things affect your buying decision and in the same way, the speed of your website affects your customer’s decision.

I strongly recommend that you do everything in your power to increase the browsing speed of your site, as well for the mobile version. improve click-through rate. If your website is responsive, make sure it works well on all possible media.

Use Pingdom tool to know your loading time and take note of any advice it can give you regarding potential improvements.

Provide relevant content to improve click-through rates

Provide relevant content to improve click through rates - xyzor

Writing for the purpose of marketing articles is not about writing like a novelist. It’s more about writing so the reader will believe you and want to click where you want them to go. improve click-through rate. The first thing that will make your content believable is if you speak with ease and are really trying to help them.

First, set a time limit because research can take a lifetime on its own. Second, prepare a plan for writing your content. It is important to have a common thread when writing.

Third, really try to help people through your article, treat your readers like friends who need answers to their questions, not statistics.

Trust me, an article that will really help your reader is more likely to keep visitors. This will encourage them to click on your results in future searches.

Another very important thing to improve the click-through rate is to make sure that you are writing for the audience and not just for the highly educated. Write as if a child should understand the content!

Content writing should not be a big concern if you look at it from a different perspective. improve click-through rate. Think of your loved one who called you with a problem that you can solve.

Can’t you give him a few minutes to tell them about this solution? This is exactly what you do when you write for the web.

Your article should answer users’ questions and then give them something to discover on your site. So if you arouse the curiosity of people, you will surely have a good click-through rate.

In conclusion

If the click-through rate of your blog or site is high, Google concludes that it is highly appreciated by users and that it contains well-written quality content. The click-through rate of a site is also one of the 200 ranking factors of Google.

A lower click rate directly affects the position of the search results on your blog or site. Therefore, it’s important to increase your blog’s click-through rate, rank higher, become more organic, and get referrals to your site.

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