October 1, 2020
Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress
Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress
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Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress

Why WordPress?

Why WordPress ?

Since 2003, WordPress is taking the world of CMS (Content Management System) by storm. So, If you are leading an online business portal, WordPress is best for you! More than 74.6 Million Sites Depend on WordPress. According to a study made by Techjury.net
In March 2019, over 4.4 million blog posts were published every day.
So it’s popularity is quite evident. 

Isn’t it ?

Haven’t you opted for it yet? You are certainly running slow in the race then. WordPress can really take your business website to just another level.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress?

Why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress ?

WordPress is mostly useful for Startups and entrepreneurs who usually have huge ideas but short on cash. Generally Speaking, Most startups do understand that a presence on the internet is integral to their idea developing into a profitable venture. A website is a convenient and cost effective place for them to explain their ideas, and keep all stakeholders informed of their progress.

Website is also a place to reach out to job seekers, investors, suppliers and potential customers in the early stages until the launch day.And as the venture takes off, the website can be converted into a place that’s available 24×7 for marketing the product or service and staying in contact with all stakeholders. With so many Content Management Systems available, choosing the right one for your website can be difficult.

If you’re embarking upon your entrepreneurial journey and you have less to no knowledge about coding, WordPress is the best choice for building a website for your business.

Every Startup must have an individual website for the functioning and expansion of their business. So WordPress is the best content management system (CMS) which is reliable, valuable and budget friendly. Most technical problems you have on WordPress can be solved easily by Following simple tutorials.

When you want a trendy, Awesome attractive looking website and have time and resources in hand, you’re advised to use the WordPress platform that you would be proud of. You can anytime update your website on WordPress without any help from anyone.

In case you haven’t yet started using a user-friendly website and facing frequent problems, then WordPress will come to your rescue. Listed here are __ vital reasons why every Entrepreneur and a Startup must reflect upon WordPress for their website necessities.

1. WordPress is Free.

Yes, you heard, right WordPress is completely free and it’s a great price. At the same time it raises the question – what’s the catch? Similar to Wikipedia and Ubuntu, WordPress is free because it’s open source, meaning it’s not owned by anyone. It’s backed by both a billion dollar company Automattic, as well as by thousands of volunteers from all over the world who work to improve it constantly.

WordPress is licensed under the GNU General Public License. This makes it free for anyone to use it to build as many websites as they want with WordPress. Moreover, WordPress users also get access to free updates, thousands of free themes, as well as 50,000+ plugins in the WordPress directory. The off-the-shelf free themes and plugins ensure that users get off to a head start, thereby saving time and money.

WordPress is Free

Whether you’re a blogger or a small business the fact that WordPress is completely free is extremely beneficial. And best of all even if your site becomes more popular than expected you never have to worry about hidden charges because WordPress will always be free for use forever.

Also WordPress is also an Open source. What it means is that you can improve or alter the source code to create the right site for your needs.

2. WordPress is Reliable

WordPress is a tried and tested open source platform that is supported by a community of thousands of professional coders, testers, and developers. At present, it’s the leading Content Management Service (CMS) on the internet. It’s been around for 10+ years, used by millions of websites and undergone a great deal of refinement. Not only that, WordPress relies on sound technology like PHP, SQL, and JavaScript that follow the practices that are set by Google, and other search engines.

This Concludes that WordPress is going to be around for much longer and grow as a great platform.

3. There’s No Lock in With WordPress

At the beginning, many enterprises are uncertain about the technologies and software required for their website and are reluctant to spend on software that they are not sure of. Besides, they’ll be tied to the software service provider for ongoing updates and maintenance. Moving to a different platform at a later date can get messy, as in most cases all the data gets locked to the old software.

Luckily, that’s not the case with WordPress — your data is your own on a self hosted WordPress install. So you can choose to migrate from WordPress to any other platform with all your data intact. Besides,  there’s a large pool of WordPress talent to help you get along.

4. WordPress is Flexible

The flexibility of WordPress is another feature that can’t be topped. No matter what you’re using WordPress for – it may be a personal blog or to a popular ecommerce site, WordPress is versatile enough to meet any and all of your needs through its extensive features and extensions. 

WordPress is not just for blogs. Yes, it started off as a blogging platform but it has since evolved to serve as a platform for any kind of website. You can use it for,

  • Corporate or Business websites
  • Portfolio websites
  • Online shops
  • News sites
  • Membership sites
  • Hotel websites

That list is just illustrative. You can also build websites for NGOs, forums, apps and even make money with a WordPress website. And you have the added advantage that WordPress has a blog function that you can use alongside your website.

5. WordPress is Pro for E-commerce.

Wordpress is Pro for E-commerce

Since you are using WordPress for your own business, then you will be happy to know that there are a number of eCommerce solutions that will convert your site into an all-out digital store.

The popular Woo Commerce plugin is the leading eCommerce technology for the web, and can power any eCommerce Store. Entrepreneurs should know that Woo Commerce WordPress plugin is compulsory for any eCommerce business that sells any kind of products on their site.

By using plugins like WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp you can easily begin to make money online. And, if it’s downloadable products that you’re selling, the Easy Digital Downloads plugin will help the most.

6. WordPress is Mobile Responsive.

WordPress is Mobile Responsive

It’s really important than ever for a website to be mobile friendly to accommodate smartphones and tablets. Apart from the desktop, mobile website practice is soaring high.

Besides, you should know that when it comes to mobiles, Google doesn’t take kindly to websites that are not mobile friendly.

With WordPress, however, you don’t have to be concerned over that. It’s already mobile friendly, thanks to many of the themes being Responsive. There are official iOS and Android mobile apps that can render WordPress pages on mobiles. If, for any reason, you’ve not made your website responsive, you can do so subsequently as well.

The dashboard of WordPress develops to work on smartphones for steady and flawless website management from anywhere, anytime. Many of the themes which are present in WordPress are designed in such a way that they are responsive to smartphones. So, it will lead your customers to open your website on their smartphones. You can find more themes on Theme Forest.

7. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Entrepreneurs not only have to build an attractive website but they also have to make it optimized for search engines like Google and Yahoo and that’s where WordPress Helps great. 

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In WordPress you can Optimize and make it Search Engine Friendly Easily without need of a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Expert, you can optimize your WordPress site with a free Plugin named Yoast Seo. Yoast SEO is a search engine optimization plug-in for WordPress, and it is free. 

WordPress is SEO Friendly

The top most popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo actually prefer sites that run on WordPress because its framework is easy to crawl. In fact, Google’s Matt Cutts actually endorsed WordPress during Word Camp San Francisco 2009. His personal blog is on WordPress.

As said Earlier Google always Prefers WordPress websites because Google bots can easily crawl them. So, if you are not using WordPress, your website will probably not rank at the top. It will further let you lose a lot of visitors on your site.

Also SEO Plays an Important in the development of a website as it helps in creating higher traffic and more revenue for your business.

WordPress is SEO Friendly and that is the most important Reason Why Entrepreneurs and Startups Should Use WordPress.

8. WordPress is Extremely Customizable

WordPress offers thousands of plugins and themes which can be installed in just a single click. You can customize your website’s appearance and functions in just one click of a button.

WordPress is Extremely Customizable

WordPress is a basic platform for all kinds of sites, allowing them to add the functions they need as they go along. These functions are added by way of separate plugins. If you wish, you can add functions with custom coding as well.

From the WordPress Dashboard only you have a wide range of more than 50,000 free plugins to fulfill most of the functions that your website needs.

Beside the free plugins, There are many third party sites that provide a variety of premium look and functions for your site. 

Here are Top three sites to buy Premium WordPress Plugins : 

  • Code Canyon :
    Code Canyon is definitely one of the most popular places to purchase a WordPress plugin. With over 5,000 premium WordPress plugins to choose from, you could spend hours and hours browsing your options. If you’re searching for a specific type of WordPress plugin that you haven’t been able to find anywhere else, this is a good place to check.
  • Pick Plugins :
    Overall, Pick Plugins has a lot less plugins to choose from than Code Canyon, but the quality of their plugins is great across the board. Any single one of their plugins will improve your site and add some unique and versatile functionalities.
  • Mojo Marketplace :
    With 50 affordable premium WordPress plugins to choose from, this online marketplace where you can purchase plugins, themes, and services, is a great place to go to get help, advice, or products that will really take your WordPress site to the next level. Definitely worth checking out, even if you’re not in the market for anything in particular.

Also Here are Top three sites to buy Premium WordPress Themes :

  • Themeforest :
    Envato’s leading software business Theme Forest is also a reputed theme marketplace that offers over 6,400 products to choose from. Prices vary from $48 to $68 on average, and designs fit all types of businesses, magazines, and multiple niche blogs.

    What buyers like the most about Theme Forest are its appealing and elegant designs that come at affordable prices. However, the attractiveness of Theme Forest has its safety downsides. There are many unknown authors and themes with a disputable reputation you should avoid when investing your money. This doesn’t change the fact that Theme Forest is still the preferred destination for quality designers that sell masterpieces at a great price. And the only thing we can do is hope that the company will implement stricter quality guidelines and controls to keep us safe. Another thing to have in mind is to avoid feature-bloated themes that compromise loading times unless you’re specifically looking for such.
  • Theme Snap :
    Theme Snap started off as Drupal theme shop, but now runs an full-fledged Theme Forest alternative marketplace for selling WordPress themes, HTML templates, and even PSDs.

    The terms favor the author, who receives 55%-70% of each sale (depending on sales volume) regardless of exclusivity.  Theme Snap forgoes the approval process, and instead will request necessary changes after the product is live.
  • AppThemes :
    At AppThemes, authors create child themes for existing AppThemes products.  You can get a whopping 90% from each sale if you get your sales volume high enough, but AppThemes does forbid non-exclusive products – authors aren’t permitted to sell the themes they submit to AppThemes elsewhere.   Though the earning potential of 90% is attractive, we think authors might find it more profitable to leverage their efforts and stick to marketplaces that allow non-exclusive products.

    For a person starting off with a new business, the free plugins are not only a great addition to their website, they can add functions as and when the need arises without having to plan for every requirement at the start. For example, you may not need a Live Chat on your website at the start, but if the need arises later, you can simply add a plugin for this function later on.

Furthermore, because of the seemingly endless number of features that WordPress has to offer, you can create the website or blog that you’ve always wanted.

9. WordPress is Super Easy to Use : 

If you ask me to pick my favorite feature about WordPress, I’d pick its user friendliness. Without knowing any code, anyone can create web pages from a user friendly interface. Working with WordPress is as easy as working with word processors. Just a ten minute YouTube tutorial can give a complete knowledge on how to use WordPress. You can watch the tutorial right below :

WordPress is excellent in DIY (Do it yourself). Even Beginners can create content. Moreover WordPress supports all type of media content like images, audio, videos, Gifs and manages media files effectively.
You can also embed third party content such as YouTube, Vimeo and many more.

This is one of the most important reasons why Entrepreneurs Should Use WordPress. It’ll help them to Focus on other important things.

10. Easy to change between Hosting Providers. 

If you need to switch a provider or host, just because they can’t handle traffic or you’re just frustrated with the hosting provider, you can do it without experiencing too much downtown. This is because WordPress works with pretty much all the servers on the web.

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At times you might stumble upon a few unproductive hosts. Which You can get rid of such hosts by clicking on the given option and further switch to a better hosting provider.

11. WordPress can be used as a membership service.

If you want to grow a loyal fan base, and maybe even make some additional income, then you can convert WordPress into a full-fledged membership site. 

When you create an exclusive membership site you’re providing members exclusive content they will find useful. If you want to create a membership site, you should look over this article by Nina Cross on DIYthemes.

12. WordPress is Highly Integrative. 

WordPress can easily combine with almost all platforms on the web. It really gives your business an amazing boost in sales. Whether you need to launch an email campaign or if you want to get paid for the products or services, WordPress can really help you with every single thing.

For the former purpose, Aweber or Mail Chimp WordPress is there for you. And, if you consider the latter option, WordPress can help you with even the most famous and reliable gateways in the world.

13. WordPress Allows Smooth Workflow.

There’s a really good possibility that you will need to rely on multiple people to keep your website online and running. WordPress is aware of this and has made it easy for you to assign different roles for different individuals. 

Here is a summary of these roles from WordPress Codex:

  • Super Admin –  Somebody with access to the site network administration features and all other features. See the Create a Network article.
  • Administrator – somebody who has access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but cannot publish them.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

Any member of a team can be granted various levels of access by assigning appropriate user roles. And if the built-in user roles are not suited to your team, you can just as easily create a new user and assign them the privileges you want. If it’s a multi author blog that you work with, managing the editorial workflow becomes very much easy with WordPress.

You can also equip your WordPress website with advanced behavior and create a number of applications. By using custom fields and conditional logic, you can automate a number of WordPress tasks.

14. Capture your Leads.

You should be aware that your website and online marketing tools should include forms, landing pages, and drip campaigns to adapt your visitors to leads and the leads to your loyal customers.

With data becoming the most important thing for a business, WordPress provides a complete set of plugins to create data collection effortlessly. You can also incorporate plugins along with your email automation system such as Mail chimp, and with only a few clicks you are ready to acquire your leads.

15. WordPress helps in Scheduling posts.

Running a business is a tremendously time-consuming task. You can handle your website by yourself if you run a small business and are not keen to spend money on website development and management. As an entrepreneur, you may not have enough time to post fresh contents or blogs on a daily basis.

However, WordPress can free up some additional time by giving you the ability to schedule posts in advance. This means that whenever you complete a post, you can schedule it during whatever time best suits you and your customers. For example, if you have discovered that the most traffic comes to your site between 11am to 2pm on weekdays, then you could schedule posts around that time.

With the help of WordPress, you can plan the contents to post on your site on the scheduled time.

This is one of the reasons why Entrepreneurs should use WordPress for their Business or Blog.

16. Create online communities for your business

Whether it’s by sharing your blog posts on social media or by communicating with your visitors in the comments section,.

When you start an entrepreneurial project, you’ve got to know what people think about it. Creating a platform where your users can interact with each other and discuss what you’re doing is very important. 

Hence, you should create an online community for your business. WordPress has all the features and plugins to make the establishment of a community convenient and easy for you. 

You’ll have to choose the best WordPress online community builder plugin to create a community for your business with ease. This will play an important role in growing you as an entrepreneur.

17. WordPress keeps getting better

Because WordPress hires the best developers in the world, you can be certain that WordPress is only going to get only better as time goes on. Also, because WordPress is open source, any developer can enhance the user experience so that it can become the best (Content Management System) CMS ever available.

18. WordPress is Safe and Secure.

Since WordPress is such a popular CMS, it shouldn’t be surprising that it’s a target for hackers. 

However, WordPress takes the security of its users very seriously. While you can practice some basic security measures, such as not downloading a theme or plugin from an untrusted site, WordPress constantly updates its software to prevent attacks. In fact, WordPress has had an automatic update feature ever since the release of version 3.7.


WordPress can be one of the best platforms for your business.  Ever since I switched my personal and business sites to WordPress a couple years ago I have found out how powerful it can be. You can do literally everything with WordPress. I highly recommend that you switch today!

WordPress can be very useful for all the entrepreneurs who target to reduce the costs and also spread their business. Hence, entrepreneurs should use WordPress. 

Hope the above reasons will persuade you to use WordPress more often for your website! Do share your views and comments with us below!

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